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What's the deal?

During the pandemic, many musicians were forced to pivot and find new avenues to provide creative content.  I was very fortunate to be able to start doing remote session work for several clients from my home.  If you are working on a project and need live, professionally recorded drums then let's talk. If you need drums or percussion for a live performance, then we can certainly discuss that as well. 


//  Drums:  2020 Mapex Saturn V
                    Maple/Walnut Hybrid
                    22x18 Kick
                    10x6 Rack
                    12X8 Rack
                    14x12 Floor
                    16x14 Floor
//  Snares:  5x14 Mapex Blade
                    6.5x14 Vertical VERSE
                    6.5x14 Ludwig Supra
                    7x14 OCDP Maple
                    6.5 x14 Gretsch Birch
                    5x14 Ludwig Jazz Fest
                    4x10 Pearl M80
                   13x15 Slingerland Marching
                          6.5x14 Majestic Prophinic
//  Cymbals:  Meinl Byzance
                      22" Vintage Pure Ride
                      20" Big Apple Ride
                      20" Jazz Crash
                      14" Dry Hats
                      8" Micro Hats
                      * variety of vintage
//  Microphones: Audix i5
                              Audix D6
                              Senheiser e604
                              Shure sm57
                              AT 2020
                              AT 2035
//  Other Sounds: Majestic Vibes
                               Majestic 4.6 Mar
                               Orchestral Perc.
                               Hand Perc.
                               Vintage Piano
                               Lead Steel Pan


Global Church of the Nazarene
Sacred Winds
Nightmare Nonsense
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Newark, Delaware
The Creek Church-Somerset, Kentucky
Ben Duncan
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