If you're looking for music to work on during the Corona break, please feel free to download "Heard Dat" for solo snare and play along track.  Pay only what you are able, or take it for free.  


1. Click Download SINGLE at the top left corner


2. Insert the amount of money that you feel comfortable in paying.  


3. The track and the .pdf will emailed to you, or downloaded directly to your computer.  



Have fun and remember to wash your hands.

Train Monochromatic Red Thriller Kindle

"Few and Far Between" is a percussion quintet composed by Adam Hopper for his graduating group of seniors in 2019.   The light hearted and fun, grooved based melodies are enjoyable to listen to, but still challenging for the performers.   The interlocking rhythmic patterns require focus and clarity amongst the performers.  "Few and Far Between" is something to check out if you have an upcoming group of solid upperclassmen.

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"Mind the Gap" is a piece for solo steelpan and pre-recorded track.  Written after a trip to London in 2017, "Mind the Gap" is a fun and exciting piece, inspired by a journey on London's underground.  Commissioned by Josh Watkins of the University of Trinidad, it calls for the performer to use a variety of impliments to create a tapestry of colors and sounds.  The diverse timbres that are created during the piece are reminescent of the diverse people that one may encounter on the tube in London.

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Very proud to have my piece for solo marimba "The New Danger" available for FREE download from my friends at the Grid Book Series.  Check out the link above to download the tune and get started!